Blue Sky (Tansy) Lip Lightener Moisturizer Kit
Blue Sky (Tansy) Lip Lightener Moisturizer Kit

Blue Sky (Tansy) Lip Lightener Moisturizer Kit

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Blue Sky  "Tansy"  Lip Lightener Treatment Kit includes the latest lip balm and scrub made with the exclusive Blue Tansy Oil that is a secret gem in the European skin care routine, particularly because of the expensive cost of the Blue Tansy Oil.

BLUNTLIPS® is excited to share that organic Blue Tansy Oil is a base healing and soothing ingredient in "Blue Dream" Sugar Lip Scrub (lightener) and the "Cali Bluest" BLUNTLIPS Moisturizing Lightener Balm.


The kit includes one each of the following:

  •  "Blue Dream" Lip Lightener Scrub (0.20 oz.)
  •  "CALI Bluest" Moisturizing Lipd Lightener Balm (0.15 oz.)
  •   Acrylic Safe Scrub Applicator
  •   Mylar Smell-Proof Travel Bag

    About the Contents:

    BLUNTLIPS® "Blue Dream" Lip Lightener Scrub was formulated to lighten lips stained due to habits, lifestyle, environment, dark lipstick, or any product that taints and dry the lips. This product will also treat lips darkened due to hyperpigmentation. The vibrant blue hue in "Blue Dream" derives naturally from an organic essential oil that restores dry, and chapped skin. The base exfoliate of "Blue Dream" consists of organic blue tansy plant oil, cannabis sativa seed oil, mango butter, and raw cane sugar. Our lip scrubs are a special blend of jojoba and other organic essential oils specifically developed to brighten, repair and smooth lips. Your lips will begin to lighten after the first application.

    BLUNTLIPS "CALI BLUEST" Lip Lightener Balm was created to show honor and respect to Los Angeles, California and to the philanthropy, community development, and relationship building by Mr. Nipsey Hussle. The world is still feeling blue following his tragic death.This lip balm is an authentic blue from the Blue Tansy plant, which has restorative and healing properties. The cold pressed oils from Blue Tansy are fast healing and repair chapped lips and dry skin. Immortelle aids in healing and cell turnover and is known to relieve headaches and skin bruising. Infused with Calendula, known for its powerful anti-inflammatory, healing, soothing, and calming properties.

    All coloring used in BLUNTLIPS is derived naturally from plants - absolutely zero mica, mineral or artificial coloring.

    Zero Alcohol, Chemicals, Cruelty-Free, Zero Nasties!

    Suggested use:

    Apply BluntLips® lip balm throughout the day, under lip stick, gloss, and liners for extra protection from stains and chemicals.

    At least three(3) times weekly, gently exfoliate lips with BluntLips® lip scrub at bedtime and remove with warm water. Complete the treatment by applying lip balm for overnight healing and replenishment.

    Ingredients include:

    All Organic: Blue Tansy Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Raw Cane Sugar, Vegan Candellia Wax, and other Organic Proprietary Herbal Ingredients.