Sweet Cool Mint Lip Care Set
Sweet Cool Mint Lip Care Set
Sweet Cool Mint Lip Care Set
Sweet Cool Mint Lip Care Set

Sweet Cool Mint Lip Care Set

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Sugar Mint Lip Care Set with our organic sugar lip scrub and organic peppermint lip lightener balm is effective, fast acting and long lasting.

Let’s just be blunt about it - bluntlips is the best lip care in the world! Our lip balms and lip scrubs are distinguished as soothing, moisturizing with all plant ingredients. TCM and Ayurveda are wholistic and clean, brighten and soften chapped dark lips.

OG Papermint Lip Lightener Balm is so pure, it is known as the “original tansy’s” of lip balms - the absolute best and most effective. Papermint is our peppermint, but better. This lip balm diminish lip stains with only plant ingredients and moisturize with organic butters. All bluntlips balms applications melt in contact and also used as a lip primer and with a lip liner or lipstick. Our lip moisturizers do not film or cake. It’s also has natural oils that help seal in the moisture we provide and protect with spf.


Lip Scrubs

Our lip scrubs are exclusively formulated to lighten lips that have become darker due to lifestyle, environmental conditions, the use of dark lipstick, or use of other products that stain and dehydrate .

We finely ground organic sugar to provide a smooth and gentle application to you lips and around your mouth. We like to use the term cleanse over exfoliate, for clarity that our scrubs are soft and gentle.

We suggest you to sleep with our lip balm overnight, but if you prefer a super silky cool feel to fall asleep in - this is for you .

Lip treatment kit benefits are:

  • 100% organic ingredients - all plant based
  • gently cleanser, not harsh or chunky
  • zero coloring or fragrance. Fragrance derived for organic essentials oils.
  • plant derived sunblock SPF protection
  • Organic mint crystals 
  • plant to halt cold sores

Exfoliate at least twice weekly and after a lip stain interruption. Apply our lip balm or conditioner after cleansing with our sugar scrub. And remember to apply at bedtime. 


BluntLips® Vegan lip balms were developed specifically to lighten lips via plants, while moisturizing with only vegan plant based ingredients. Your skin, including lips, can  become darker and discolored due to : lifestyle, environment, dark lipstick, sun burn and hyperpigmentation. Our lip care products contain only plant derived ingredients. Our brand is free of nasties such as -  paraben, sulfates, phthalates, petroleum, mineral and palm oil, alcohol and synthetic artificial ingredients for coloring,  fragrance, or taste.  The rich hues, smell and taste derived only from the plant ingredients. Cruelty-Free. This lip balm has been coined the "AMBI" for the lips. Clients agree that it works fast - your lips instantly feel like silk, without the waxy lines. Customers and MUA can rely on this balm as a lipstick primer. It does not contain any form of alcohol or chemicals.

BluntLips® does not sting the lips like other lip balms because it does not contain any form of alcohol. Again, it is animal cruelty-free, and void of sulfates and parabens.


More of what makes BluntLips® products elite in lip care:

 A vegan ingredient infused lip treatment that hydrates for up to 12 hours.

Organic herbal skin lightening ingredients.


SPF from herbs

 This set  includes a full-size lip balm and lip scrub with an applicator.